Tailgating is permitted on campus. Parking lots open at 8am on game day. Please follow all University tailgating guidelines found here.

Guests who are interested in setting up a tailgate should plan to set up those tailgates in any Day-of-Game Parking Lot. Day-of-game parking spaces are available on the day of the game on a first-come, first-served basis. People may park and congregate outside of their vehicles or in a grassy spot near their car and enjoy the sites and sounds around them.

Possession and consumption of alcohol are subject to the laws and regulations of the State of Ohio and/or City of Columbus which state, among others: No person shall have in the person’s possession an opened container of beer or intoxicating liquor in any public place.

Law Enforcement Officers enforce all applicable laws according to the State of Ohio and The Ohio State University alcohol policies.

Trailers, storage units, and tailgating activities may not take up vacant parking spaces or interfere with traffic flow within a parking lot. Drive lanes in parking lots must be maintained at all times. Parking permit holders are responsible for the functions they host in their parking spaces. Vehicle and tailgate must fit within the 8 ½’ x 15′ space provided. Any vehicles larger than the above will be asked to purchase an RV pass or park at the Ohio State Fairgrounds.

No tents or fencing requiring staking may be set up without prior approval. It is recommended that expandable 10×10 “pop-up” tents be used when possible. Tents may be set up NO EARLIER than 5:00pm on the Thursday prior to the football game (Saturday).  Tents must be removed by NOON on the day after the football game (Sunday).

Guests who are interested in setting up tents or inflatables and grilling at their tailgate should adhere to the OSU Emergency Management and Fire Prevention policies outlined here.

No bills, signs, banners or tent frames may be attached to University furniture, trees, or light poles.  Freestanding signs must be secure and safe, and be no larger than 4 by 4 feet. No signs causing ground penetration are permitted without prior approval.

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