All-Star Game

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Benefiting our community

  • CFC provides $500,000 in financial support for scholarships and participating universities.
  • Revenue from CFC will fund a year-round career pathways and workforce development program for urban teens and young adults.
  • 4,000 youths will benefit from seeing a stadium and arena filled with accomplished African Americans who can serve as positive role models and mentors.
  • CFC is projected to create an economic impact of $15 million.
  • Economically challenged hotels and businesses will profit from thousands of visitors who will book rooms and spend money downtown.
  • African Americans can gain agency and social capital by delivering events that create a significant economic impact at a time when it is greatly needed.
  • The event will generate 3 news cycles (including national news) of positive images and messages that can brand Central Ohio and the sponsors that support CFC.
  • Central Ohio will be branded in the tristate region as a great place to visit, live and work.
  • Cutting across racial and socioeconomic groups, the community will come together in unity to experience an African American tradition.

Our Story

The College Basketball All-Star Game & Celebrity Extravaganza will be a 4-day celebration of educational, multicultural and entertainment festivities that complement the college all-star game and a celebrity game featuring nationally renowned entertainers and local personalities. Through the All-Star Week, celebrities and local personalities will host events to raise funds for their selected universities.

  • The College Basketball All-Star Game & Celebrity Extravaganza will be held the fourth weekend in April each year in Columbus, Ohio.
  • The College Basketball All-Star Game will showcase top players from Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCU All-Star Team) in competition against players from Ohio’s traditional universities (Ohio All-Star Team).
  • The College Basketball All-Star Game & Celebrity Extravaganza is produced by Classic For Columbus— the nonprofit organization that produced the HBCU football Classic held at Ohio Stadium in August 2021.
  • The College Basketball All-Star Game & Celebrity Extravaganza will create a projected $10 million economic impact for Central Ohio.