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Year-Round Programs

Supporting The Rise Together Blue Print

This Blue Print details how CFC plans to support 100 of the goals documented in the Franklin County Rise Together Blue Print by leveraging the Classic to provide strong incentives for TANF eligible families to engage in 2 year-round programs, operated by CFC in collaboration with community partnerships.

Transportation Ambassadors Program (TAP)

Supporting Workforce Development

TAP aligns with the Rise Together Blue Print specifically the “Transportation Mobility’ goal.

A number of program participants receive bus passes for program-related transportation. This service comes at a tremendous cost to social services organizations. The free bus pass method of providing transportation may result in abuses due to the providers’ inability to hold participants accountable for the use of their bus passes. Moreover, time spent on the bus can be largely nonproductive. TAP provides solutions to these issues by dispatching trained mentors (ambassadors) that provide instruction from the program’s evidence-based curriculum, while driving participants to and from their jobs and appointments. The program also fulfills a need for participants who have
jobs that are not on the bus line. Ambassadors bond with each participant and provide coaching in addition to directing them to resources that facilitate program retention. Another benefit is money traditionally allocated to purchase bus passes can provide operating funds for other services.  >>Contact us to learn more

42 to 1 C-Suites Program


As a 30-year-old global sports celebrity, James “Buster” Douglas was granted access to
Fortune 500 executives and entrepreneurs. For the first time in his life, he became keenly aware of what business insiders refer to as C-Suites (chief suites) which defines the exclusive offices and corporate culture of business leaders. Buster notes that there are a select number of leaders in C-Suites who have pulled themselves up by their bootstraps. These leaders were exposed to C-Suites as youth and were transformed by the experience. Inspired by this revelation, the Buster Douglas 42 to 1 C-Suites Program will introduce participants to CSuites and administer an evidence-based workforce development curriculum that helps participants understand their roles as employees by training them to think like business owners. This program is designed to attract and engage TANF eligible students and their families. Complete the form below to learn more.

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