Homeownership: A Pathway to Wealth Building

Saturday, August 28 | 1:30 PM - 3:00 PM

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Seminar and expert panel discussion led by financial services industry leader and credit expert, Shaundretta Boykins!

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For over 20 years, Shaundretta Boykins has been a noteworthy leader in the financial services industry and in advocating for economic equity for people of color. You may know her from her work as the CEO of The Credit Connoisseur, LLC, but Shaundretta can also be credited with contributions to The Columbus Urban League’s 700 Credit Score Community, the Director of the Women’s Business Center, her philanthropic activities in the urban Columbus Community, her involvement in Culture Market, and for her 20 year tenure in banking.

Shaundretta has been honored with the Business Excellence Award for her contributions to assisting minority owned businesses in the State of Ohio. She holds a Bachelor’s degree from The Ohio State University in Criminology, Sociology and African and African American Studies with a specialization in African American Literature. She is a native of Cleveland, Ohio and currently resides in Columbus, Ohio.

Shaundretta has led an impressive career as a Branch Manager and Business Strategist in her 23 years working in the consumer and business financial services industry. In 2015, she was voted the chair of the Diversity and Inclusion Council by her peers for the Midwest Region of Chase Bank.

Serving as the Business Solutions Manager at the Minority Business Development Division of the State of Ohio, Shaundretta plays a major role in advocating for equity in capital access for minority owned businesses, lobbying at the state and federal level to ensure the loan products offered to minority business owners, suit their needs, and providing adequate capital so minority owned businesses are able to start, sustain and scale their businesses. Through her commitment to this role, she has helped hundreds of companies gain access to capital and education on the components of owning a thriving minority enterprise.

Prior to her current role at The State of Ohio, Shaundretta worked as a General Business and Access to Capital Consultant for the Columbus Urban League helping our clients to navigate the financial resources afforded to them through government agencies, private and public agencies, community development financial institutions, banks, etc. Before joining the Columbus Urban League team, she was a Business Lending Officer and the Director of The Women’s Business Center at The Economic and Community Development Institute from 2018-2020.

A self-described economic justice advocate for people of color, Shaundretta is a fearless trailblazer who is committed to closing the wealth, credit, knowledge and trust gaps that exist between people of color and their Caucasian counterparts. She has spent the last 23 years fighting against socio-economic disparities and injustices, and is currently most passionate about the work she is doing to continue this fight.

As a Banker turned employee of the state government, Shaundretta has developed a unique perspective when it comes to the needs of minority business owners. Influenced by her past employers and her personal experiences as a triple-minority business owner (young, black and female), she aspires to be a change agent and a sincere yet effective voice of for the people in the next stage of her career.

As a part of her philanthropic efforts, she has contributed to a number of different industry publications/charities/events/organizations, including B.O.S.S Up Columbus, Ohio Chapter of Chucks n Pearls, and the National Coalition of 100 Black Women, she oversees The Columbus Black Owned Business Group where there are 81k total members and 70k active members, to name a few.

Shaundretta is affectionately referred to as a Consumer and Business Credit and Finance Success Coach, the Maven of Money, the Money Missionary, The Financial Moses, the Guru of Gwop, the Economic Evangelist, the Fiscal Architect for Urban Communities and the Diva of Dollars. A Credit Education and Restoration Solutionist. A Financial Literacy Workshop Facilitator, Public Speaker, a Business Lending Relationship Manager, a Credit and Finance Counselor to Pre-release/Returning Citizens in the State of Ohio and a Financial Literacy Strategist for high-school aged students in urban areas. She is also a passionate Published Author, International Money Motivational Speaker and International Financial Workshop Facilitator. A Visionary, and a Trusted Advisor.

Outside of the office, she enjoys reading, spending time with her husband, family and friends and she enjoys writing.

Shaundretta Boykins

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